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Scooped by Huy Nguyen Trieu

Fintech: what's happening in Australia?

Fintech: what's happening in Australia? | Disruptive Finance and Fintech | Scoop.it
This article contains an overview of the Australian FinTech ecosystem with some of the most interesting startups and successful accelerators/incubators.
Huy Nguyen Trieu's insight:

I believe that a lot of interesting Fintech innovations will take place in Asia. But for me, Asia was more naturally Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia or the Philippines than Australia… 

Over the last few months however, we have observed more and more  interesting initiatives in Australia - from the launch of a Fintech hub, to partnerships between banks and startups, to the first investment of Australian pension funds into Fintech startups….

Australia is definitely a market to follow, and this article from Let's Talk Payments provides a great overview of the latest developments. 

Don't hesitate to send me a tweet if you see interesting Fintech startups in Australia...

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Scooped by Huy Nguyen Trieu

Fintech in Asia is taking off

Fintech in Asia is taking off | Disruptive Finance and Fintech | Scoop.it

Available from today, local growth-stage start-ups and mature-stage global FinTech companies can apply for a co-working space within the SuperCharger.

As part of the TusPark network, companies benefit from: access to TusPark's Global Network, which includes 30+ co-work spaces around the world, 100+ Venture Capital Firms and angel investors, media coverage, as well as experience gained from incubating over 1'500 companies…."

Huy Nguyen Trieu's insight:

I am convinced that London is the world capital of Fintech (here and here), but equally confident that a lot of innovations will come from emerging markets, and especially Asia. 

I've had the chance - and great pleasure - to be on the advisory board of Fintech HK and to witness first hand the incredible growth of Fintech taking place in Asia during the last year. Fintech HK is itself a very good example of that hypergrowth, which started less than a year ago with a report on Fintech in HK, and has now become the largest Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong.

They have now just announced the launch of the SuperCharger, a whole floor dedicated to Fintech in HK, in partnership with Tuspark - a Chinese tech holding that owns 400 companies. 

A few years ago, Fintech was still nascent in London but then took off swiftly thanks to the arrival of accelerators, which helped create an ecosystem of mentors, business angels, banks, etc The same is happening in Asia, with the launch of StartupBootCamp in Singapore, DBS Nest in Hong Kong, and now the SuperCharger.

As the ecosystem grows stronger, we are seeing more and more interesting Fintech startups there. And examples like Alibaba's YueBao (4th largest money market fund in the world in less than a year), or Vietnam (36% penetration rate for smartphones, despite an average wage of $150/month) show that there are a lot of Asian specificities that will allow a very different type of Fintech to emerge. 

In other words, there are likely to be very interesting Fintech stories - especially in B2C - coming out of Asia. Stay tuned...

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Let's Talk Payments's comment, 29 August 2015, 00:04
FIntech industry is gaining momentum in India too: http://letstalkpayments.com/fintech-studio-special-accelerator-program-shaping-up-in-startup-village-in-kochi-india/